Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Free ER Coffeemaker

I'm giving away a FREE ER coffeemaker. It is a Cuisinart TTG-500 Two-to-Go. Never been used, opened once -- to take the picture you see on the right.

What's the catch? No catch. All you have to do is:
1. Email me at jldude@yahoo.com, subject line: I want the coffeemaker.

2. If you are the 100th email, you win. Pay shipping and the coffeemaker is yours.

This is only for continental U.S. readers. Sorry.

Why is there a ER logo?
This was a Christmas gift two years ago from the executive producers of the hit TV show, ER, to all the people remotely connected to the show.

What's the value?
A new one, without the ER logo, is about $30.

Why don't I just Ebay it?
Because I can't be bothered. It's just not worth it and really, I'm way too lazy.

Why am I giving it away?
A. I'm trying an experiment to see if my blog traffic will increase. B. I'm looking to get rid of the clutter in my life.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Soundtrack of a Past Life

These days it's C is for Cookie and Wiggles and the Dora the Explorer theme song. But it wasn't always like that. Once, long ago, the list on the soundtrack of my life was ...

1. "Blister in the Sun", Violent Femmes. Freshmen year. College.
Why can't I get, just one kiss.
Why can't I get, just one fuck?
The anthem for all desperate, sexually frustrated virgins.

2. "Bitchin' Camaro", Dead Milkmen. Sophmore year. College. Along with New Order, this song fueled my gig (very short) as fraternity cocaine dealer. the lyrics as stupid, mindless, catchy and addictive as everything i was doing at the time.
Bitchin' Camaro
Bitchin' Camaro
Bitchin' Camaro. Repeat and rinse.

3. "Wasted Time", Eagles. A truly lost, drunken summer in Japan. Love lost and found. Heart broken, a father lost.
I couldn't done so many things, baby
If I could just stop my mind...

4. "Fruits of Summer", Southern All-Stars. A lost drunken summer, revisited. There's a sparkle in the notes, a poignancy, like childhood lost. Kind of like summer at the beach. reminds of me of that oh so short summer weeks at the beach, right after high school, hangin' with my friend, before we all went off to college.

5. "Perfect Day", Lou Reed. Hemingway had Paris. I've got Hong Kong. He could write. Me? Not so well. But this was on the play that I wrote. A Trainspotting in Hong Kong, sort of.