Thursday, June 04, 2009

After viewing the Revolutionary Road DVD

God how depressing. That's me. That Leo character is me. I'm stuck in this rut. This soulless job. I have to do something else. But I can't. Because.

1. My job has daycare.
2. Need to pay for E.'s private school this year.

What's even more depressing: I see myself having a conversation with E. 15 years from now, trying to tell her, she can do anything. Don't settle. Do what you love. And yet, and yet, it won't ring true. Because it won't be true.

Not unless I change something before then. The Wife is in a similar boat. Maybe worse, because she makes even more money than I do.

Why this I watch this damn thing?


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Anonymous jamesmallon said...

You made the choice to send the kid to private. She didn't. Suck it up. Stop whining like a bitch.

If you don't like it, live here in 'socialist'-Canada, where I did not have to give up all my youthful ideals for health care and a decent education for my children. It's called a 'civil society': something you Americans once aimed towards, before getting obsessed with empire. Ours was thirty years ago even more civil, until our right-wing demagogues started aping yours.

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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