Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Life with Gifted Child, Part 1

E. is now 5 years old. She's been reading for a couple of years now. She gets so engrossed in a book that she won't hear anything.

Me: E., E.!!? Time to get jammied up.
Me: E., please get into your pajamas.
Me: E., can you get into your jammies?

Nothing. Head still stuck in book. Finally...

Me: E., get out of your clothes and if you can answer these questions, you can win back your pajamas.

Quick as a flash, she strips off her clothes and gets her pajamas.

E: Go ahead. I'm ready.
Me: Okay, if you can answer this question, you can put on your pajama top: What's the capital of California?
E: Sacramento.
Me: Now for your bottoms, if you have 20 bananas and you buy 5 more, how many bananas do you have?
E: 25.


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