Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Steal This Post

A strange thing happened a few days after I read Problogger's post about people stealing content from his site. I was doing a random test search on del.icio.us on my post, 4 ways to more romance. The search came up with another post titled, "4 ways to more romance, at least works for me". This guy in New Zealand lifted my post completely, changed my list from 1-4 to A-D, dollar to NZ$, and slapped it on his blog with no mention of me, my post or my blog.

What I did
  1. Got all worked up
  2. Re-read Darren's Problogger post (great comments and advice on his thread)
  3. Slapped on a Copyscape banner on my blog. They have free search engine and banners.
  4. Emailed the guy and asked him to remove my post from his site
This happened on a Friday, and he was gracious enoughto remove it without actually admitting any guilt by Sunday night. But his comments, which are littered with typos and incorrect grammar, are proof enough: no way the person writing those comments could have written my post.

On the bright side: at least it was good enough to steal, says my wife.

P.S.: Thank you Ethan Mawyer for coming to my defense.


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