Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Affirming My Way to a Great Day

I just finished reading The Winner's Attitude, by Jeff and Val Gee. I will affirm my day for the next 30 days and see if things improve. They descibe the "Switch" method, where you switch from your "animal" (the basic fear and survival mode) to your "human" (more evolved, works out of love) brain. Also, you affirm your day by looking in the mirror every morning and telling both brains, "Today and today only, you and I are amazing."

Affirmation, Day One: Animal brain was very quiet for most of the day. I was calm through a couple of very annoying episodes that normally would have set me off. I only missed a couple of opportunities to use my human side, and did what I normally do -- use my animal brain. I think the animal was caught off guard, didn't realize it would have to work a little harder. Finally, it did assert itself towards the end of the work day. It has been a struggle when I got home, with me operating at 50-50 animal-human brain. So it went from a great to a good day.

Day Two: This morning, the animal reared its ugly head pretty early. And I'm trying to keep it under wraps. I'm determined to have a great day. Wish me luck.


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