Friday, August 18, 2006

Office Tip of the Day - What Not to Do

Leave Your Instant Messenger chat window open when you walk away from your desk.

Why? You might work with someone like me.

True story: At my last job, there was a young kid, 19 or 20 years old. Drove a souped-up Civic, street-raced it on the weekends, loved Fast and Furious. That day, he was a little under the weather. He walked away and left his computer on. I happen to walk by when his Girlfriend IMs him.

GF: Hey, honey, whassup?
Me (in my best Cyrano impression): Wha up.
GF: Nothing. Bored. This job sucks.
Me: Yeah. What are you wearing today?
GF: Jeans.
Me: No, underneath. Lawngerey like.
GF: You're bad.
Me: I'm thinkin of leaving early. Sick. Go to bed, watch F & F DVD.
GF: Again?
Me: Oh yea. You know what i like best about ya?
GF: What?

That's when he showed up, and IM'd: What? What?

I thought I did well with his girlfriend. I felt good, sneaky-good. I felt terrible, guilty. It was not right. There's gotta be a book on online etiquette/ethics. Hijacking/impersonating on IM is not right, right? But if someone is dumb enough to leave their IM window open, do they deserve it?

At my current office, the co-worker in the next cubicle always, always leaves his IM on when he leaves his desk. They are mostly from his friends. "Are you going to watch Snakes on a Plane?", "Are u going to make the party tonight?" Stuff like that.

Omg. Dude. You cannot imagine how tempted I am. The amount of willpower it takes to refrain from jumping on his computer and answering his IMs. I know, I have a problem.

So I say again. The tip is: close your IM window, and all other personal screens. People like me are around. We do not need any more temptations.


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