Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Credentials

I have none. I've been on this earth 39 years, have a wife and child. I have a job, a little money and no friends.

I've learned a few things, but am still struggling with some of the big questions:

  1. What's my purpose in life? What is my calling?
  2. How to do raise my child without spoiling her?
I know my talents: creative, hard-working, kind, above average ethics and sense of humor.

I know my weaknesses: gambling, risky investments, trying to get rich quick, good beer and burritos, low tolerance for stupid or unethical people. I am a dilenttante, fluttering here and there.

And as I seek financial independence, I know I have to answer Question 1 before that happens. Because if I had a million dollars, what would I do with myself?

Act One of my life is nearly over. I am actively looking for something meaningful for Act Two. Po Bronson's book, and Gary North (has an essay about Calling vs. Occupation), and Steve Pavlina really got me thinking.

So there they are, my credentials or lack thereof.


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