Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thoughts on the Million Dollar Experiment

On July 2006, I joined Steve Pavlina's Million Dollar Experiment. My short, inadequate explanation is: you concentrate and attract a million bucks. Check his site out for the full explanation.

Later that day, I paid $20 to a co-worker for lunch. She is extremely good with money, figures things down to the penny, taxes and tip, and all. I was due $13 in change. She gave me back $34. Woohoo, it works, I thought. Of course, I gave the money back and couldn't count it toward my million.

After that, nothing. No money, but lots of sceptica, negative, qualifying, questioning thoughts that were definitely not helping me. It's just a big cloud blocking all the money that wants to come to me. I'm writing them down to clear them from my head.

Neg. thought #1: Where's the money?

It takes time.

Neg. thought #2: Do I attribute this money to the experiment or not? How to I calculate it? I got a raise. I was expecting it, do I still count it? Do I use the hourly rate, or the monthly or yearly sum?

I just did a monthly sum. Simple. Moved on.

Neg. thought #3: I was due money, didn't really think I was going to be paid. It came, do I count it?


Neg. thought #4: Right after I joined the Experiment, I got a bunch of unexpected expenses. Cost me lots of money. What's the deal? Does the Experiment not work?

It works. Get it out of your head.

Neg. thought #5: What's the point of getting a million when I'm not tracking all my outgoing money?

Good question. Forget about it. I'll get more money than I can spend.

The last couple of days, money has been trickling in, from AdSense and sources, expected and unexpected. I say, Keep 'em coming!


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