Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Path to Kindergarten

Little E. will enter kindergarten in 2009, but we started to explore our options. We think she's gifted but will have to get her tested to be sure.

Private Catholic School
We had a tour and got application.
  • Half the price has E's current pre-school.
  • Nearby.
  • Wife hated it. Too religious.
  • Artwork displayed all looked the same.
  • Principal not that welcoming.
  • We have to "volunteer" our time.
  • Classes that not small, for a private school.
Open Houses
We went to two public school open houses, and to the Kindergarten orientation to one.

After school care
Since kindergarten is only half day, we have to find after school care. The public school has one on campus, and we are waiting to put on names on the waiting list.

Our next step
We need to check out a couple more parochial schools and the gifted school.


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