Friday, February 15, 2008

Education of Lil' E

My daughter E. turned four last week. She has been reading for about half a year now.

I play Phonics and Kumon with her, but this is only after she started to read. She can count to about 50.

Her writing motor skills are no where near her reading/mental ability. She can write a few letters.

She's known how to rhyme for awhile now, but yesterday I taught her Alliteration. She came up with:

"Tiny town", "Good grief" and "Monkey mute", then asked me, "what's a mute?"

My education on Education
I started with Alfie Kohn and his unconditional love and no rewards and punishments and child-directed learning.

Which led me to John T. Gatto, Jonathan Kozol, and the John Holt. The all-stars of education, I call them.

They all write about the horrors of the institution of school, and how it beats the curiousity and happiness out the kids, by drilling them, testing them, keeping them locked up, making them conform.

Trouble is, they wrote mostly in the 70s. Surely, schools have changed? I have no way of knowing. That's why I'm so concerned about E. when she enters Kindergarten.

Public or private or home school?

Gatto and Holt both came to the home school conclusion.

Yesterday, E. asked me, "What caused the Big Bang?"
I said, "Let's ask Mr. Google."


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