Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Couple of Things to be Grateful

Besides the love of a wife and child, I have to stop and remind myself, things are not so bad.

1. On the night shift this week, and co-workers and I ordered Chinese takeout, at my suggestion. We all order the same dish. Co-worker Glenda gets food poisoning and is still out sick. Big Boss gets sick the next day, goes home early.

Me? I'm fine. They call me "Iron Stomach." So I've got that, my health.

2. I'm dropping off Little E. at daycare and N's Mom stops to talk to me in the parking lot. I'm wearing my usual "uniform" -- shorts and flip flops. She says, "I wish I could wear shorts to work."

My job is not the greatest, or the most intellectually-challenging, and the people are so-so, but here it is, almost October, and I get to wear shorts to work.

I have to stop under-estimating the value of that.


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