Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Nature of Blogs

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Like I discover a wicked good book by a new author. Then I search for other books written by that person. I read everything they've written. Til they disapoint me. Or til I've gotten everything I can out of them. Same when I discover a cool new band.

It's like that when I chance upon a new blog. It starts with an above average post. I browse around. At that point, either I'm still intrigued or I am not.

If I am, then I am hooked. I head to the Archives and dig around. I read every post to get caught up. Very much like discovering a late episode of Northern Exposure or Sports Night. You go back to the beginning and watch all you can.

With blogs it's much easier to do that. I tried going to the beginning and reading sequentially, but these days I just read the current posts and go backwards.

I prefer that. The going with the flow of the nature of blogs. Which is, going backwards if you wish to know more.

Like that movie Memento. Like Life. Like meeting a new person. Like a reading a journal or a novel, but from the back. I am pointing out the obvious but someone's gotta do it.


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