Thursday, September 21, 2006

In the Next Life I Want to Shoot Nudes

In the next life I want to be D. Brian Nelson.
  • He's a photographer with a cool blog called Hotel Room Nudes.
  • Hot girls take their clothes off for him. He takes their pictures. Sometimes they do more than just take their kit off.
  • His pictures are good. Good as in Art. Capital A.
  • He writes well, too. Kinda reminds me of Charles Bukowski.
  • He's got hard principles and Socrates-like integrity. I know three others with similar ethics. (Yes, I got all this just from reading his blog.)
  • He almost makes me want to pick up my old medium format camera again. Almost. Maybe even learn to print my own prints.
On the down side: he's old, kind of creepy looking. Says he's harmless. I believe him.

In the next life, who do you want to be?

*Photo by: Alexia Carneiro


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