Thursday, April 19, 2007

Booknotes: Zero to Zillionaire

Booknotes: I read the book. Took some notes. So you don't have to. But if you're intrigued, you should buy the book. You become smarter, the author gets richer, Amazon pays me a wee little bit of referral money.

  1. Say and think positive. Do your daily positive money affirmations.
  2. I.e. “People love to give me money.”
  3. Monitor your thoughts: write down negative thoughts on one side, then the exact opposite on the other. Focus on the other positive stuff.
  4. Sending ships analogy. In Columbus’ day, the rich invested and outfitted ships. They send them out to all parts of the world. Some came back to port, laden with riches. We have to do the same. Send out a bunch of ships, big and small.
  5. Write down a Magic Money Wish list. What you really want if money was no object. Kind of like the Lottery Fantasy game.
  6. If you charge money for services, be confident and comfortable saying your rate. Practice saying it. Practice saying double your rate.
  7. Rules of making money: a) Do what makes money now; b) Do what makes money soon; c) Do what makes money later.
  8. Recipe for depression: A) Think about yourself; B) Think about what you don’t have; C0 Think about what you’re afraid will happen.
  9. Recipe for happiness: A) Think about helping others; B) Think about everything good that you have; C) Think about your next “I can hardly wait.”
  10. The story of the Boy Scout Good Deed Coin – “Put me in your left pocket in the morning, then move me to your right pocket when you’ve done your good deed for the day.”

Author bio: former actress turned bookkeeper turned business owner. She faced foreclosure, bankruptcy, alcoholism and turned it all around with positive thinking and her Financial Stress Workshop. She also wrote the Wealthy Spirit.


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