Monday, July 31, 2006

Drivers' Ed. - This Saves Lives

One thing I will teach my kid when she drives. One thing I would hammer home if I was teaching Drivers' Education at a high school. This one thing, if you do it, will prevent accidents. It saves lives.

That one thing is: When you shift lanes, look over your shoulder. That's it? Yes. Why does it work? BLIND SPOTS. Every car has two, one one each side, areas that can't be seen with your mirror.

Ideally, every time you change lanes, you should do these 4 things:
  1. Look in mirror.
  2. Signal.
  3. Look over left or right shouldner.
  4. Change lane.
Now, if you only do one thing - make sure you do #3: Look over your shoulder. I cannot remember the times I nearly hit someone, but didn't because I looked before I turned. The cars came out of nowhere and I didn't see them in any of my mirrors. I saw them only at the last moment as I looked over my shouldner and was in the process over turning.

Try it and drive safely.


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